Dr.Ir.Sugih Arto Pujangkoro, MM

37 Years

Personal Information

Sugih Arto Pujangkoro has over 37 years of experience in the industrial management. He specializes in research, equipping and training services and has completed a number of signicant duties. Under his leadership as the Head of the industrial management Advisory Division, the team has been able to accomplish several assignments concerning request to undergo the Technical and Organizational Feasibility Study, and also has equip and training many director, manager and employees at different level in several companies.

Mark won recognition of a ‘talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionised the UK search industry’ in the UK Search Awards. When not being a geek he likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and chat about football to everyone who cares to listen – which is nobody at Seofy.


PT PLN, PT Telkom, PT Inalum, PT Samudera Indonesia, PT Astra, PT Tolan Tiga, PT Singer Industries Indonesia, PT Elang Tenaga Bersama, PT Atap Indonesia, PT.Coca Colla, etc.


  • Industrial Management.
  • Training and Equipping.
  • Property Manajemen.


Delivery training of communication for different level of manager and
employees at PT PLN (Persero).
Prepare market segmentation and Feasibility Study of Pasar Petisah
Delivery training of sales management for all the supervisors and
managers of PT Surya Wijaya in Indonesia
Delivery training of Total Quality Management and Inventory
Management for employees at PT Inalum.
Delivery training of Supervisory Management for supervisors at PT. Permata
Hijau Rantauprapat
Delivery training of Inventory Management for manager at PT Inalum,
North Sumatera.
Delivery training of Service Management for staff at Departemen
Perindustrian RI.

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