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They Who Need Feasibility Study Analysis

Every planning should be done properly so that the purpose can be reached well. So we sshould make every planning ripe, and consider about all kind of view in life. It is also for the planning to make an exertion. The Feasibility Study Analysis is the best tool for it.

The Feasibility Study Analysis is the activity to analyze and identify about some risk or other possibility event that will be happened when the exertion will be built. So this feasibility study will be done before the exertion is built. It is important to make the exertion works well and no big negative impact.

This feasibility study is like a research. It is done with some best technique and strategy. There are many kinds of the Feasibility Study Analysis, so the strategy sued will depend on the kind of the feasibility study, but for the method is similar.


The user if Feasibility Study Analysis

The Feasibility Study Analysis will be very important for all people in an exertion. They are:


Investor is the people who invest their money or share for the build of an exertion. They will get the benefit based on the development of the exertion. For deciding to be thee investor of an exertion, we should do some feasibility study. It is for making us sure that we will get the benefit after we had been being teheinvestor of this exertion.


The creditor itself is like the bank. The creditor is also being the main part of the exertion. Because they had already gave the share for the exertion. The owner had already borrow the money from bank as the easiest way.
Before decide to accept the proposal from the exertion owner, as the creditor, we should do the feasibility study. We should analyze the big prospect of the exertion in the future. So that we will be believe about the exertion prospect. So they will get the money back.


The building if the exertion is also invoking the government. It is because we should ask the permission for building the exertion. So the Feasibility Study Analysis is also important and being the activities needed for the government.

4.Company owner

It is sure, because the Feasibility Study Analysis is very important for the company owner. They should conduct it or seeing the feasibly rate to build our new exertion. And the result of the feasibility study will show us the prospect of our exertion in the future.


The society is being the main part also for the exertion. Because the society usually being the victim of the availability of the exertion or industry. So as the society, the Feasibility Study Analysis is also the important act that we can do.

The people above are being the important people that should conduct the Feasibility Study Analysis. So the exertion planning will be built well.

In conducting of the Feasibility Study Analysis, we need the consultant for giving the advice for develop our idea in building the exertion.

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